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Craft Software for Everyone

If you are looking for great Cross Stitch / Tapestry / Crochet / Diamond Stitching software at a great price, we have what you are looking for.
Whether you plan to convert photos into charts, or design fantastic pieces by hand, our software has been developed over 25 years in conjunction with small business owners all over the globe,to provide you the tools you need to do the job.


Cross Stitch

MacStitch for (for OSX 10.10 upwards inc Big Sur and M1 devices) and WinStitch (for Windows 7/8/10 on intel devices)
Our flagship applications: primarily designed to allow you to create and print or publish easy to read cross stitch designs, either converted from photos / clip art, or drawn by hand. Work in color, black and white, a mixture of both, or simulated stitching on screen.
Print to paper up to A2 in size, with lots of options, and see the app work out how much thread you will need.
Export to PDF files to sell your work online.
Add colorways so that you can offer a choice of finish.


Prefer to crochet the patterns?
We have a variety of output styles for crochet users who want to take that pattern and print or export a chart that describes the work in words (Tunisian Crochet)
Working L/R or R/L, alternating, or C2C (corner to corner) , with a choice of worded output or colored blocks with a stitch count.
What used to be a very time consuming charting task is now a few moments work
Pasted Graphic 1

Diamond Painting

Diamond Painting is a great new way of working. Plastic 'beads' are available (usually 1/10 inch in size), in common DMC shades.
Design or import a picture using shades based on DMC (use 'Diamonds.threads') , and you can view and print at 1/10 inch sizes onto paper, ready to have adhesive applied.
Then stick the beads over the printed design and Voila!

Stitch Layout

StitchGraph for OSX and Windows

Our new software for laying out Stitch Diagrams, Hardanger work, and other designs that need to state the sequence of stitching.
Allows you to simply show people how to do your favourite stitch. The colours and labelling are all customisable.
You can create new stitch layouts for many different styles of stitch work.
This product is new and unique to the Mac, and very competitively priced too! (Similar products on Windows can cost up to $299!)

iPad & iPhone

XStitch Markup

FREE* iOS App ‘Cross Stitch Markup’
*No ads, no banners, no in-app purchases and no nagging to upgrade.
Not a designing app.. this will allow you to 'stitch on the move'.. you can open MacStitch and WinStitch charts (and PCStitch charts up to version 7), and mark them up on screen instead of working from paper.